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Your Venues Need Trained, Responsible, Responsive Armed Security.

Armed security guards LA to San Diego stores, malls, campuses.

Armed Security Guards for L.A., Reseda, San Diego, SF Bay Area, all California.

Your company needs armed security guards - the ultimate deterrent to threats to your valuable property and the staff and customers on that property. It is widely known (from both tens of thousands of hours of experience and university-level psychological studies) that seeing guards who are armed with pistols in a public or private space conveys a deep-brain sense of seriousness for safety. Armed security is a persuasive, silent warning to criminals that they're entering an area of extreme danger for themselves. That armed force will be used if necessary.

Security threats in our times have steeply risen here in the United States. Threats can come from both domestic and foreign terrorists, from independent actors, from disaffected or disgruntled individuals, from very prepared criminal teams who are experts at planning. Or from spontaneous actions from people thinking in the moment it's good to steal or harm. All of these individuals who are contemplating a criminal act to your property or people need to think very hard about confronting highly trained and courageous armed security officers.

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