Cancun Mexico Security Officers

Cancun Mexico Security Officers From WWPro

October 25, 2021

Security for companies, institutions or nonprofits in Cancun, Mexico, is critical as the covid-19 crisis is easing and travel and commerce is picking up again to Mexico. Cancun is one of the top visitor destinations in Mexico, with a reputation for clubs and party atmospheres, gorgeous beaches and great food. As well, it is an epicenter for Yucatan commercial ventures and business deals.

The enormous visitor hospitality and entertainment sector in Cancun needs the best security officer personnel. Hotels to clubs to shops, malls and all the other facets of catering to visitors require superb security on the floor, at access points and in private areas.

As well, corporations, hospitals, warehouses, schools and higher education facilities are now looking for highly trained security officers who are dedicated to keeping secure the people and property of the venue they’re in charge of.

WWPro with its security guard services in Cancun, Mexico, offers the best security personnel available – highly experienced, excellent training, and top management.

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Security Guards as Behavioral Health Officers

New Frontier of Security Guards as Behavioral Health Officers

October 5, 2021

The medical field, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), is where workers have the most nonfatal occasions of workplace violence – more than employees in any other profession. Most of these incidents arise from patients or family members having drug or substance abuse issues, or mental illness. There’s also been an increase in workplace violence due to covid-19 situations.

To be able to address this escalating violence in the medical field, one nonprofit health care provider has been training Behavioral Health Officers. Begun in 2015, the program is designed to create a group of security officers specialized in training to curtail workplace violence encounters in the nonprofits medical care areas and behavioral health units. All the new Behavioral Health Officers were promoted from within the nonprofits security guard personnel. So, they had great track records of experience in security officer diffusion and de-escalation of situations that were headed toward confrontation. The course established for the specialized officers is extensive, comprehensive with a 32-hour training course that includes role-playing scenarios with the officers playing all the roles. This includes the patient, clinician, responding officer and observing officer.

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Security Officer helping child

Customer Service A Top Responsibility for Security Officers

September 25, 2021

A recent survey from the International Foundation For Protection Officers (IFPO) just came out with their findings from surveying 10,600 security guards in nine countries, including the U.S. The top three sectors where the officers worked was banking/financial services (11%), colleges/universities (9%) and government services (7%), and an interesting 24% of them had undergrad degree. Two thirds were between the ages of 26 and 45, and a quarter were 46 and above. In terms of gender, 76% were male, with 22% female, and 2% identifying as other.

Among the duties that the front line survey participants put as most frequent were access control (54%), physical patrols/surveillance (48%) and customer service clocked in at a notable 44% of their task time.

Our WWPro security guards follow many of these percentages while also being committed to our continuing training programs and reviews. Customer service is a large part of how our officers help the public or staff we’re serving.

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Security Guard Services in Mexico

WWPro Offering Security Guard Services in Mexico

September 15, 2021

Security for people and property in Mexico is one of the most serious protection sectors in the world. Even a casual trip from the U.S. to one of Mexico’s border cities shows how security guards are a universal presence in stores to government and private institutions, companies, warehouse, plants, schools, entertainment and many more venues. Security guards for the private and public sector in Mexico are a necessity of life. Mexico is a favored destination both for pleasure, culture and international business (it is among the top countries for international corporate business and travel). Yet, the threats are among the top in the world as well.

WWPro has just opened its offices for hiring elite yet affordable security guards in the major cities of Mexico. We’ve been developing our security agency in Mexico for over a year and currently we’re proud to serve Mexico City, Tijuana and Juarez. Our security officers in Mexico have extensive military and/or police experience, are among the most highly trained available for private or public work, are familiar with many venues – from malls to warehouses to hospitals to government institutions. Many of our guards speak Spanish and English.

Our guards in Mexico can be deployed as armed or unarmed, depending on your needs. Call and talk to us today about how our security agency in Mexico can help you or your institution or company.

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Security Guards and Kids

Security Guards Who Are Loved By Kids

September 5, 2021

Security guards are part of the front line defenders of health and bodily safety. During the covid-19 pandemic, security officers are near the level of criticality of doctors and nurses. For pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school and university campuses security guards are the defense line between intended harm against students, staff and valuable public or private property. For many people who have been in dangerous situations, security guards putting their lives on the line to intervene and stop threatening or dangerous people; they’re heroes. While security guards are icons of protection, they’re often not as appreciated as they should be.

Schools are a laboratory of security. If anything can be tested for security procedures, philosophies and methodologies it is at schools. Terribly, schools are targets for harm every month or so. So the security guards for schools, as we at WWPro provide, are to be commended for their service.

Such an appreciative shout-out recently came from a kindergartner in Arkansas who dressed up as his school’s security officer on the day when students were asked to dress as their favorite person. Easton Blocker dressed with the security guard look of Jeffery Cross of who works at an elementary school near Little Rock. By the way, he is an armed security officer, and it is the first year the school district there had armed security officers.

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Mental Health of Security Personnel

Staying Sharp in Challenging Times: Mental Health of Security Personnel

August 25, 2021

During the covid-19 pandemic over the past 17 months studies are showing that 1 out of 5 people are suffering some kind of depression due to the prolonged life affects of this virus. This includes job security, food security, worries over rent payment or eviction possibilities, and health concerns. One out of five people affected is an enormous number, and means it is hitting every industry, including the security officer protection industry.

Many companies could have their employees work from home remotely. But frontline workers, among which security guards are counted, did not have that option. It’s report to work as usual to perform critical duties.

As a leading security guard services company, we take seriously the mental health of our team members. And during this ongoing pandemic, we are taking extra measures to see to the well-being of our officers. As security guards risk their lives every moment they’re on duty, which has its own unique pressures of emotional well-being and intelligence and reaction times, our critical job as managers is make sure our guards are at their best all the time. This means they have the mental agility and alertness, exhibit fast and smart responses, are mindful of the culture of the employment venue, are courteous and helpful to customers and staff, work for de-escalation and the wise response to situations, yet are prepared to use force.

Security guards often undergo verbal abuse while on the job. Some 65% in a study said they were verbally abused while doing their duties. With covid-19, there is also the risk the a security guard can be physically assaulted for being involved in mask-wearing compliance. There are many instances of guards being hurt or even killed due to covid-19 mitigation resistance.

Our responsibility as managers is to work closely with our guards to honestly evaluate their mental and emotional conditions, to make sure they’re mentally sharp, well rested, and if necessary have more time off to recoup and recharge. We also have counselors available to help individuals.

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Listening is Integral to Security Guard Pros

Listening is Integral to Security Guard Pros

July 15, 2021

When do we really listen? At a concert? At home, watching TV? On our ear buds when exercising? And often we’re thinking during those activities while we’re listening. In the security guard profession, listening well with focus is absolutely demanded, and with full attention.

The mentality of a good, professional, well trained security guard is to always be focused on the security job. Even while talking to a customer or staff member, the focus and situational awareness has to be there.

So, while we in our ordinary lives, while listening to something we enjoy, can afford to wander into thought or memory, our WWPro security guards can’t do that.

Listening is a critical part of the security guard’s informational awareness. In the midst of all the sounds around him or her, what stands out at any given moment as something that says “alert” or “pay attention” or “danger.” Security guards are largely in motion, making rounds, seeing anything that's out of place, having a sixth sense about each environment or situation, but also listening intently. Sounds are heard in areas that aren’t visible, so it is an around-the-corner sensing. Listening includes being very good on the walkie-talkie to a control member of other officers. And our officers are trained to stay tuned in hearing to their fellow officers if they’re part of a team. A constant staying-in-touch is part of the professional mentality and methodology.

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Major Benefits of Security Guards

3 Major Benefits of Security Guards

July 5, 2021

“Let us count the ways,” so wrote the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, as she asked “How do I love thee?” Well, we can’t say our WWP security guards are loved in the spirit of romantic poetry (except by their special someone). But we can count the ways that security guards turn their expertise and dedication into benefits that “show the love” for your people (customers and staff) and property.

Here are 3 primary benefits from an excellent team of security guards, such as ours at WWPro:

1. Crime Prevention — security threats need to be stopped first by preventative measures. Preventative measures provided by a skilled, well led (our management is among the best in the country) security agents can stop planning of crime, or a planned crime that is just unfolding by their presence and routine actions. Part of what we do is provide our clients with a clearer, insightful understanding of the security environment and methodology. Deterring criminals before they strike is the best methodology.

2. Rapid Response to Threats — threats to your staff, customers or property can’t wait for law enforcement to arrive from local stations. That is the choice you have in weighing whether to have security guards or not. How rapid is the response? Security guards are there, on scene, with your people, to professionally respond to escalating threats, from the simplest outbursts to individuals willing to inflict harm. Our WWPro security officers are former police or military (or both) with highest level training in rapid response to threats. Our guards are available as armed or unarmed.

3. A Quiet Customer Service — there is customer service at the counter of a store or on the phone that is essential to customer satisfaction. There is also customer service that comes with having security guards – courteous and helpful – who are seen by customers as providing professional security while they are on your business or organization premises. Security is the first layer of subconscious comfort in an individual. Additionally, our officers are familiar communicators of your business, and are there to help customers in any number of appropriate ways.

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Security Guards Curating Art at Art Museums

Security Guards Curating Art at Art Museums

June 25, 2021

Guarding civilization's art in a great metropolitan museum or a small town museum is an honor and a privilege. The more important the art, the greater the responsibility for the security personnel. And the greater the chest swell of pride. Our security guards would jump at the chance to serve duty in the Louvre in Paris. But, alas, we’re not called up for that. However, our highly trained and talented team is available for advanced-responsibility securing of any kind of precious treasure.

Security guards in special places can and do bring out their best selves. We know of a security guard at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. took the time on duty to curate a treasure hunt through the Gallery’s exhibition for a group of 11-year-olds. He wrote out clues on paper scraps for the kids, taking them through a maze of rooms filled with stunning, priceless art.

Today, the Baltimore Museum of Art took the time to shout out to their security guards “as seasoned observers of fine art and encouraging them to create the upcoming exhibit with support from esteemed curators. Breaking free of narrowly-defined roles, valuing both education and lived experiences, and encouraging diverse collaborations are essential to creating a more equitable and inclusive Baltimore.”

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Security Guard

Large Security Guard Group Partners with Missing Children Nonprofit

June 15, 2021

Missing children is an ongoing epidemic in the U.S. Last year, during the covid-19 pandemic, 365,348 children went missing – according to the FBI. In 2019, there were 421,394 missing children. It is a shocking and deeply saddening statistic. It is unbelievably large.

Security guards are now being trained to be on the lookout for missing children – joining the fight with police and law enforcement agencies to identify and rescue missing kids. One of the largest security companies in the U.S., Securitas North America, has recently partnered with the nonprofit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to develop and enact missing children training programs for 100,000 security guards.

The fusion between Securitas and NCMEC provides security officers access to focused training to identify situations that may involved missing and exploited children, then reporting these observations to law enforcement to support recovery. Geotargeted posters of missing children will also be sent out to Securitas officers. The training program cooperation is planned to be in place for three years.

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Armed or Unarmed Security Guards

Armed or Unarmed Security Guards – That is the Question

June 5, 2021

One of the critical questions arising when you hire security guards, or have another responsibility for guards you’re employing, is: armed or unarmed. It is both a pragmatic question, as well as an ethical question for the party making the decision. A CEO or an event manager needs to decide whether guards bearing firearms (and also batons, tasers or pepper sprays) is the right approach – considering all of the consequences (intended and unintended) that can come from the presence of guns and the authority to use them. These are life and death decisions that security personnel must make in highly-volatile situations, and those life and death decisions also involve the original decision maker. Nevertheless, in certain venues armed guards are a logical necessity. Banks and jewelry stores, for instance, are environments of high potential for armed crime.

Armed security guards can be seen in banks, hospitals, airports, government facilities, museums, courthouses, warehouses, precious gem or gold items and other venues with heightened potential danger of threat or crimes undertaken. However, a mall, a grocery store chain or a school and many other venues may not be. Guards carrying pistols and a belt full of hand combat tools sends a clear message to visitors or customers, as well as to wrong-doers. In many cases that is not the message you want to convey.

On the side of armed security, these officers are supposed to be highly trained and experienced in the use of and authorized use of such weapons. These are specialized guards. Typically, they are in venues with high-dollar-value items. In our WWPro security company, our armed guards are highly trained, with police or military backgrounds.

In some cases, unarmed guards to carry batons or pepper spray to use if a threatening individual needs to be subdued. That is a balance, a balance that we at WWPro work out with you in determining what is best for your circumstances.

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Hiring Security Guards for Community Events

Hiring Security Guards for Community Events

May 25, 2021

Community in America is important in our culture, a historical pattern of coming together for celebration, entertainment, civic or spiritual activities, intellectual advancement. The covid-19 pandemic killed off almost all community activities during its time it gripped us. Political events went on, but that was about the extent of it.

Now that the pandemic is abating (and hopefully all of us are much as possible being vigilant about it – we are for our principals), community events are back with vigor and force as the summer spreads before us. Many community events from last year that were canceled are here now or scheduled to be held.

Depending on the community event that’s planned, it may be a good idea to hire security guards for it. Even smaller events such as local concerts, shorter running races, group picnics, July 4th fireworks and parades, block parties should be looked at as needing a security guard or guard team to provide for professional level security and safety for all. After all, community events typically include children. And we’re all painfully aware of the increased crime rates we’re experiencing now – as a result of the covid-19 hardships. Threats are real for the wholesome events we associate with local community interests.

Our WWPro security guards are experienced and receive constant upgrading of training for being the professional, intelligent, responsible defense for your event. Volunteers can’t come close to the seasoned pros who have experienced everything you can imagine in event security.

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Your Friendly Mall Security Guard – People Like Them

Your Friendly Mall Security Guard – People Like Them

May 15, 2021

Security guards are doing tough jobs, with an ever-present atmosphere of danger, being super observant, working odd hours, and maintaining a friendly demeanor and visage through it all. No one wants to have a security guard working for them and interacting with customers or employees who’s got a scowl and unfriendly attitude. Security guards are on premises to deter crime, not intimidate the customers or employees.

So, security guards are trained to be friendly with visitors and customers. A friendly face and voice goes a long way in putting customers at ease so they’re in the shopping frame of mind or can easily get to where they need to be in an institution. And company employees can count on security guards to keep them safe.

Many security guards end up working at a mall or shop or institution over a number of years. People get to know them. They’re responsible, responsive and dedicated to the protection of people they interact with everyday, plus those just coming into a business for the first time. Security guards often go the extra mile, like walking employees to their cars after their shift to make sure they’re safe. They take their dedication to protection and safety beyond just doing a job. That’s the quality of security officer WWPro brings to our clients.

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Support for Security Officers Mental Health, Post Pandemic

Support for Security Officers Mental Health, Post Pandemic

May 5, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has hit security personnel hard, in many cases nearly as hard as front line health workers dealt with. Security guards in solo work to teams of security in large facilities faced much increased challenges in dealing with all the ramifications of covid-19 in public places. This ranged from being as helpful as possible to customers of businesses open to being violently attacked when security officers asked customers to wear masks as posted at the store or facility entrance.

Overall mental health is part of the human resources interest for all companies and businesses. This is certainly a top concern among security companies where their employees are under a particular kind of stress found only in other policing type fields.

Here at WWPro we know from experience that security staff mental health can be impacted by the following : night shifts, pressured working situations, anti-social hours and extended periods of isolation. Our leadership helps staff overcome dated preconceptions of security employees projecting “invincible” images so they access mental health support when encountered with stress, relationship issues, finance, family well-being or the impact of the pandemic.

Essentially, any security firm needs to see to the mental health of its leaders, managers and team, all in the effort to thwart any crises that may arise. Crisis points are to be avoided far in advance of their fruition – that’s our philosophy.

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Security Officers And Best Communication Devices

Security Officers And Best Communication Devices

April 25, 2021

Communication is critical between individual security guards, between teams and in larger cases between the security control center and guards. This is the nature of patrolling a property – communicating effectively and promptly makes patrolling work. Communication is critical for clarity of situation reports and for the speed that situations can be best responded to. In some cases, talking is perfect. In other cases where there is distance between guards or teams, then communication technology is relied on.

There are now two ways of remote talking among security officers and their commanders (if applicable): cell phones and two-way radios. Two-way radios have been in use since before WWII for communication between remote parties. The technology has grown into miniaturized into powerful and compact devices. They’re easy to use, reliable, affordable, no monthly fees and there are multiple accessories specific to security.

Security companies such as ours feel that two-way radios are safer. You can immediately contact another officer or team while having hands free to access a weapon or manually defend themselves.

Cell phones have a much larger range, of course, and calls can be received and placed along with text messages and emails. Cell phones are harder to eavesdrop on. On the downside, they’re less reliable than radio, hard to use in noisy areas, only allow one-to-one communication.

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Retailers Hit Hard in 2020, Affordable Security Sought

Retailers Hit Hard in 2020, Affordable Security Sought

April 15, 2021

Last year retailers were hit hard – the pandemic alone was hurtful enough to retailers business performance. The shrinkage of retail was palpable as customers drastically reduced their shopping at malls and retailers in general. Mall themselves have been dealt a death blow in many analysts’ reading of the tea leaves. But beyond the pandemic’s impact there was in 2020 a huge slice of shoplifting (more desperate people who lost jobs), and fraud and internal theft.

The red ink bill for retailers in 2020 was $61.7 billion, which is a record for retail loss in a single year.

All of this has put retail management in the mood for cost savings, efficiency and getting the best bang for their buck. Coming under their scrutiny is the wide area of store security. Store security includes both cyber security and in-person security. Retailers are looking at more affordable, yet robust cloud-based security, ease of use and less training for personnel.

For security officers in place on the retailer property retailers are looking for affordability while still getting top quality service.  Affordable, yet robust and responsible. That’s what WWPro security guards is about.

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Security Guard Saves Woman’s Life - Hit By Drunk Driver

Security Guard Saves Woman’s Life - Hit By Drunk Driver

April 5, 2021

Part of our training and expectation for our security guards and security teams is that they’re there to help people on their territory. That is, to protect the people and property that is their responsibility. Yet, there are times when something happens on the property or nearby the property that demands a helpful or life-saving response. Doing the humane, right thing is also part of the best security guard philosophy and practices.

Recently, there was an incident in Mississippi that demonstrates the spirit of good security guards, and of our philosophy. A woman was crossing an intersection when a car speeding down the street hit her and sent her flying to the pavement with serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle was drunk. Immediately the security guard at a bar located near the intersection rushed to the injured woman, gave her CPR while making sure she wasn’t moved. He also helped extract the drunk driver, a 24-year-old from his vehicle. The injured woman was eventually airlifted to a nearby medical center.

We applaud this security guard for unhesitatingly going to the aid of an injured person even though it was not within his responsible territory. He made a humane and studied decision to help. We emphasize such helpfulness in our security guards.

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Security Officers Losses In The Era of Covid-19

Security Officers Losses In The Era of Covid-19

March 25, 2021

Security guards, as we would naturally conclude, are in a dangerous profession. Contrary to assumed logic they are not in the most dangerous job. Even police are not in the most dangerous job. Not even close. Police are #22 in a list of the top 25 most dangerous jobs, with 14 out of 100,000 workers having fatal injuries. The most dangerous job in the U.S. is logging, felling trees in forests. Security officers are a bit below police in the list.

However, in 2020, there were 90 security guards who died of covid-19, and there are more (though at a much lower rate) dying this year. There are 200,000 security officer personnel in California, the most populous state in the union. They’ve gone through a real gauntlet of abuse to outright threats and danger even as they’re trying to keep people safe from the pandemic by attempting to enforce covid-19 safety measures in the small or large venues they’re guarding. According to news reports they’ve been spat on, cursed, and assaulted by people who don’t want to follow the pandemic precautions. And in some cases across the country they’ve died in the line of duty.

Here at WWPro we salute our security guards and all security personnel across the country who do live a dangerous profession, and are placed in harms way (including a deadly virus) while trying to help people, and protect people and property.

They deserve the American public’s recognition and praise.

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Covid 19 Measures Stay in Place for Security Officers

Covid 19 Measures Stay in Place for Security Officers

March 15, 2021

With the covid 19 pandemic continuing to go at a pace of 60,000 cases a day in the U.S. and with the vaccination rollout going better than expected, the response of most companies are staying with the covid 19 safety measures put into place in 2020. Plus, according to a MindEdge/Skye Learning survey on the Future of Work, most companies will require their employees to be vaccinated as a condition to returning to work.

Security officers are certainly among the front line workers that have been heavily impacted by the still-burning pandemic, and they will continue to be at the front line most likely into latter 2021 or into 2022. Some observers are predicting that large parts of Europe won’t be through the pandemic until 2023.

Our security guards are required to be covid 19 vaccinated as soon as their age group is eligible. They are required to wear masks at work, and to practice social distancing – even when they are vaccinated. The safety protocols for covid 19 are generally being practiced as we progress into 2021 by the security guard industry.

We want our WWPro security team members to be a vital part of the herd immunity that is so necessary in the U.S. to finally beat this pandemic.

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Security Officers and Conscious Decision Making

Security Officers and Conscious Decision Making

March 5, 2021

Are we always conscious or deliberately aware of our decision making? Well, very few of us are that aware. Maybe a Trappist or Buddhist monk who’s been practicing their 24/7 vigils for ten years or more. They’re conscious of their decision making – down to the tiniest decision. That’s a good thing.  We’d all be better off if we were more thoughtfully aware of the small to large decisions we make during the day and night. However, for several facets of our society, decision making is critical to professional responsibilities. For instance, airline pilots.

But this also applies to security guards. Security officers are responsible for the safety of customers, clients, patients, students and so forth in their environmental space. That is an awesome responsibility.

The conscious decision making process of a security person needs to be always on. It’s as if they’re driving a Formula 1 race car in a race for the duration of their 8-hour shift. Every decision they make needs to be conscious and drawn from their training, experience and the immediate needs of the situation.

In our WWPro security team training we work a lot on cultivating always-on conscious decision making. What we don’t want is unconscious decision making where instinct takes over or the right decision may not be made. It may be made unconsciously, but most likely not. That’s why our training and schooling puts an emphasis on conscious decisions in all circumstances – as much as we can recreate them.

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Security Officer’s First Impressions – Making A Difference

Security Officer’s First Impressions – Making A Difference

February 25, 2021

The old adage and wisdom about first impressions counting applies to all professions from salespeople to restaurant hosts to doctors. And it really applies to security officers. I’ve been to many stores as a shopper (not as a security executive) and during my shopping tour I don’t look for security guards, but if I do see one I look at the first impression of how they present themselves to the shoppers in the store. The first impression of the store’s security person or persons really communicate to me an ongoing impression of the store I’m in. This is all a rapid evaluation, which includes how the security person looks in terms of facial expressions, body language, alertness, wearing of a uniform, if they’re armed or not. What I’m looking for in this first impression – whether it be a man or woman – is a pleasant look to me, a look that is humanly caring, friendly and says I’m here to protect you and everybody else here and this property. It’s both friendly and professional. I like that. I’m assured by that. They walk straight, alert to what’s going around them, yet don’t strut or be too intrusive. They have a very important job, but they’re also part of the human fabric of that store. This is the case in very large stores or a small boutique. Overwhelmingly, the people in their protection space are just good people, good shoppers looking for whatever they’re there for. So, a friendly face on a security person is natural and expected, and it’s also inviting to ask for help. I’ve asked security officers for help because I needed it and they were there, and also just as a test.

We work with and train our officers to be ultra-aware of their first impressions. Practice a friendly, available face in the mirror. Take pride in their posture, walk, their thinking patterns as they do their patrols, being helpful when it’s obvious they’re the ones to respond.

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The Courses Security Guards Take Can Save Lives

The Courses Security Guards Take Can Save Lives

February 15, 2021

Our WWPro security guards save lives and protect property by their presence. Their very presence is a deterrent to harm coming to a business’ people and property, or to a private estate’s people and property. That is true, and that is an essential preventative role of security guards. Security guards can also actively save lives or prevent injury by stopping threatening individuals from doing harm. This is de-escalation or interdiction. Armed security guards bring an additional factor to protection – the threat of grave injury to would-be criminals.

However, there are other ways that security guards can save lives. A security guard working in Miami, Florida, recently saved the life of a man who had been shot multiple times. Security Officer Tyreke Spann was working outside at the UM/Jackson Medical Campus at 4:30 in the morning when a car drives up. He recalls, “We get flagged down all the time, so I’m like ‘hey somebody else is looking for directions’, but we actually had a gunshot victim that falls out of the back of the car.”

The man was bleeding profusely and would have bled out in front of the medical center if Spann hadn’t utilized his “Stop the Bleed” course he’d taken recently. He had the equipment with him, and immediately helped the individual to control the bleeding so he would survive and then be taken to a nearby trauma center.

That’s the kind of course-training we encourage in our WWPro security officers.

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A Fire Breaks Out – What Do Security Guards Do?

A Fire Breaks Out – What Do Security Guards Do?

February 5, 2021

Security guards who are working for private estates or corporate facilities (small to big) are often the first responsible people responding to a fire situation in a building. This means security guards, in effect, become, fire safety guides when a real fire breaks out. Security officers are charged with the protection of people on a property and the property itself. In the case of an outbreak of fire, security officers are the first responders. Sometimes, they’re the ones who first spot the outbreak of a fire, and are responding even before fire retarding systems go on. As part of fire prevention and response, security guards are essential.

Our WWPro private and business security guards are well trained in general fire response procedures, and, as well, in the specifics of whatever building they’re currently providing security for. A key part of our management is making sure our guards are prepared for fire outbreaks in a variety of circumstances, and that they are current in the specifics of a client’s fire response needs. This includes evacuation protocols for customers or people in a venue, excellent familiarity with where exit doors and escape routes are, where fire fighting equipment is stored, who to call in fire emergencies, how to assist fire fighters, and what is the follow up for fire evacuation and response.

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Using Gaming For Security Guard Situational Awareness

Using Gaming For Security Guard Situational Awareness

January 25, 2021

Game-based training is becoming more used in many industries that require better environmental awareness among employees. And the security guard industry is no exception, taking games into the training arenas for guards who will be protecting customers and products at malls, employees and warehouses, patients and doctors at hospitals, and much more. Situational awareness is the security guard’s number 1 mental state. Always being aware of what is going on around you and the people or materials you’re guarding – without being distracted by anything going on inside their heads or distracts from being aware of what they’re guarding. It’s actually a good state for anybody to be in, at work or at home. Imagine the situational awareness of a mother with a newborn infant.

Much of game-based training is in developing skills on decision making in the midst of challenging or extreme situations. The realism of a 3D headset is a much different experience then a paper study and exam, or even an in-person enactment (which can be very expensive for security companies). The guards in training can quickly replay and do over situations which they found difficult to negotiate with de-escalation decision skills or response skills.

Both private property and corporate security guards benefit greatly from this kind of immersive training.

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How Security is Changing in 2021

How Security is Changing in 2021

January 15, 2021

Corporate and private security is changing as we go into 2021, and is being re-envisioned as we head into a second year of covid-19 and other developments that came out of the 2020 social justice demonstrations and the 2020 election events which tested security and revealed certain behavior patterns. Here at WWPro, our leadership and management teams study and contribute to these areas of thinking. We were involved in security of property and people during the summer demonstrations in several cities. And, of course, we’ve been involved in protecting people and property during the covid-19 crisis in many types of stores, warehouses, campuses and private estates.

Coming into 2021, here is a list of our thinking on how 2020 affected us and our clients:

  1. Brand Protection – making sure the client brand is kept well regarded
  2. Environmental Health and Safety
  3. Geo-Political Awareness
  4. Human Capital Issues
  5. Intellectual Property – the new stakes in protecting company property
  6. Physical Premises and Property – improving approaches and execution
  7. Significant Business Disruptions
  8. Technology Assets

New Behaviors We’re Watching For:

  1. Apathy and self-absorbed entitlement behaviors
  2. Belief in non-factual conspiracy theories and fringe ideologies
  3. Denial of or no interest in factual realities or science
  4. Domestic terrorism and the motivations underpinning it
  5. Disregard for intellectual property ownership
  6. Engineering of fictitious information on social media platforms

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The New Age of Emergency Preparedness

The New Age of Emergency Preparedness

January 5, 2021

Hurricanes, tornadoes, firestorms are becoming a routine and escalating part of our climate change experiences – dire experiences. For us in the commercial and private security field, the 2020 storm and natural disaster events were record setting. Add on top of this the covid-19 pandemic, the threats facing security officers and their responsibilities have never been more severe. Whole sections of procedural manuals for company security response, including ours, have had to be written fresh to take into account covid-19 non-transmission practices and the response to storms or fire or other mass-people-affecting events.

For instance, what happens in hurricanes where people being guided to shelters or sheltering rooms by security personnel can’t socially distance, or their mask is lost or torn off. The same with wildfire evacuation and shelters. What happens when the nexus natural disaster and covid-19 intersect? Further, what happens in these cases when security officers are helping people who are injured and hospital bed capacity is full because of covid-19 cases?

Other areas we as a security company have to think about are supplies and materials that are necessary during minor or major disasters, access to those supplies and materials, and even the funding to make sure those supplies and materials are available where and when they’re needed.

Another aspect of this new age of emergency preparedness for our WWPRO team is preparing for simultaneous events. This is called the “stacking” concept, wherein security and other personnel have plans and practices in place to respond to multiple emergency events.

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Continuing Education for Security Guards

Continuing Education for Security Guards

December 25, 2020

Happy holidays everyone, and we hope yours is safe, peaceful and filled with the joy of giving in very trying times.  Part of our approach to being an elite, affordable, security guard company is the continuing education of our team leaders and officers. This includes attending webinars from organizations such as the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). IFPO, starting in January, 2021, is producing a series of webinars held each month. They’re designed for supervisors and officers, with the intention of increasing effectiveness, improving skill sets, and overall help with security careers.

Among the webinar topics are these:

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Providing Security During Covid-19
  • Dealing with Violence
  • Staying Motivated
  • Research Findings on Security Officer Tasks and Their Complexity
  • Training to fill skills gaps
  • Training the Security Trainer
  • Situational Awareness

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U.S. Air Force Uses Security Robot Dogs for Patrolling

U.S. Air Force Uses Security Robot Dogs for Patrolling

December 15, 2020

As needed for certain clients WWPro uses K-9 dogs as part of our security patrol and response measures. They are very well trained, and are effective deterrents to invasive crime on properties.

The U.S. Air Force has just announced that they are in the trial period for robot dogs that will patrol areas of Air Force or related properties. The robot dogs will be used in areas that area of difficult terrain where it is harder for people or wheel-or-track-based vehicles to access. They will be driven through a virtual reality headset at a Base Operations Center, yet also have some autonomy. The patrol along a programmed route.

The robot dogs are so dexterous they can climb steps or small rocks, can right themselves if they stumble, and keep balanced while wading through shallow water or tall grass.

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Security and People Who Refuse to Wear Covid-19 Masks

Security and People Who Refuse to Wear Covid-19 Masks

December 5, 2020

One of the often unsaid concerns during the global pandemic is how are people who don’t wear virus masks to be approached by concerned customers in stores or by store management or by security officers patrolling the store. It is a very important question, as we’ve already seen several episodes of terrible violence unleashed by non-mask wearers upon fellow shoppers, managers or security people.

Mask wearing is, of course, the most important measure of covid-19 protection (outside of vaccination), both in not contracting the virus or transmitting it. All of our security guards wear masks and are well schooled in the science behind mask wearing.

The number one rule that we recommend for consumers and store personnel is: Don’t argue with anti-maskers. This is what the CDC recommends, and we follow this logic. People who don’t wear masks are making an emotionally charged statement that is often blended with very strong fundamentalist-type psychologies. They won’t be amenable to reason or logic. So, getting into even a first-step debate with them is not a good idea. They won’t listen, and if pushed too far could erupt into threats and violence. And, it’s good to remember that as an unmasked person increases their volume and vocal forcefulness they are spreading more droplets further that could be laden with covid-19.

Managers at big box stores have been given talking points for discussing mask wearing with anti-maskers, and are often offered complimentary masks. If they refuse to wear a mask they’re allowed to continue to shop. And generally, anti-maskers are kept at greater distances by other shoppers and store personnel.

Our security officers are trained in the same talking point, non-confrontational methods, and we work closely with company executives and management to sustain their covid-19 policies.

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Security During the Holidays

Security During the Holidays

November 25, 2020

This holiday season is upon us, and certainly impacted across economic, social and cultural expression by the pandemic. While the pandemic brings its own set of security measures – mask wearing, social distancing, etc – the security industry is still on duty as millions of travelers, shoppers and going-outers are doing what they always do during the celebrations of the winter end-of-year.

Tens of millions of us still went to stores for special food makings and gifts. Travel was near 2019 levels. The holiday season in 2020 is expected to be a time of attempted crime just like every year prior to the pandemic.

According to the FBI Crime Clock, there is:

  • Property crime occurrence every 4.6 seconds
  • One larceny-theft every 6.2 seconds
  • One motor vehicle theft every 43.8 seconds
  • One robbery every 2.0 minutes

Our security teams recommend some preventive precautions that shoppers can take during this Holiday season. Park in well-lit areas. Also park near security cameras, and look for security cameras on your walk to the stores you’re going to. Shop at malls or stores where you know there is a serious security force. Don’t use restrooms that are far away from the main shopping areas. Be kind and accommodating to other shoppers and the store personnel. Don’t load up with too many gifts, making it hard to carry them. Be watchful on your way back to the car.

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Security Guards and Kindness

Security Guards and Kindness

November 15, 2020

Kindness and security guards is not an oxymoronic phrasing, but really an ideal marriage of qualities: being kind while also being the ultra responsible watcher of safety for people and property at given locations.

At WWPro our security guards come out of quality backgrounds including police and military, but they also go through a battery of tests for kindness and helpfulness and a training program to bring out the best of human nature while protecting against and facing the worst of human nature.

A kind security officer is there to offer a soft smile or good words as they do their duties and people do their shopping or business. They bring lost children back to their parents. One guard recently helped a lost dog who wandered into the mall she was guarding. Security guards are in uniform, and sometimes can be armed to various extents, so it is obvious they’re there as a deterrent to criminal activity, and as a living warning to potential criminal pursuits. Yet, that responsibility, as we teach our security guards, is not an opposite to being a nice woman or man while wearing a uniform. The uniform represents decency, helpfulness and dedication to security duty.

Our guards, both women and men, are encouraged to do acts of kindness where appropriate and within the scope of their duties and to keep a friendly face while they circulate.  This goes to our professional job performance, and to the business reputation of our clients.

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Top Reasons Why Businesses Use Security Guard Agencies

Top Reasons Why Businesses Use Security Guard Agencies

November 5, 2020

Hiring a security guard company is a major decision and commitment. There are four very compelling reasons that a business should be working with a security guard agency in their locale, or multiple locales.

Deter Criminal Activity of All Kinds

Preventing crime of all minor or major kinds is the #1 reason for security officers on your property. Security guards deter crime or the planning of crime, and are on scene to prevent break ins or other criminal activities that impact your patrons, personnel and property.

Access to the Latest Technology

Security guards in agencies such as WWPro have access to the latest and most advanced technology so they’re performing security duties with the most effective tools at their disposal. Technology tools increase effectiveness and overall safety for people and property.

Additional Support to Customers and Other Personnel

Security officers from WWPro are schooled in public relations and appropriate helpful interaction with customers and other personnel of your premises. This helpfulness makes for a further level of good customer relationships and builds your company reputation.

Crowd Control

For big events at your location, or in the instances where a crowd of customers may need guidance and control, security guards are trained in dealing with large crowds undergoing an apprehensive situation.

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How Our Security Guards ID Aggressive Behavior

How Our Security Guards ID Aggressive Behavior

October 25, 2020

Aggressive behavior in these times of covid-19 is not limited to shoving or the act of hitting someone on a security guard team’s patrolling of premises. Assertive or aggressive behavior can now include being without a covid mask in the public stores or venues, or coughing or shouting in which air is strongly expelled from the lungs – possibly with covid-19 virus in the droplets.

All of this more attack-type behavior can be spotted in building up by a number of steps or a combination of steps that build. This includes clenched fists, tightening of the face, narrowing of the eyes, flaring of the nostrils, restlessness, subtle or more overt hostility. Verbal threats, of course, are an obvious tell of possible escalating aggression.

For security guards in covid-19 times, there are signs of upcoming aggression which include refusal to wear a mask, lowering the mask off of the nose, agitation on the part of the individual wearing the mask, challenging people on wearing masks. This can also include not being careful with coughing, or sneezing or even talking too loudly. This can also apply to social distancing measures while shopping or being in line for the checkout.

Security guards need to be prepared for these circumstances. Ours are.

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The 5 Cool-Hand-Luke Ways for Security Guards to De-Escalate

October 15, 2020

When security officers go on the job for their shift they face the prospect of meeting several if not many situations during their hours that call for an immediate sensing of what will help the situation and how  to respond to it. These are “conflict situations,” and they’re one of the most fundamental grounds of training for security officers. Imagine what can happen if a situation that does not have to be conflict-oriented turns confrontational in a mall, hospital, airport, office building, campus, community or a small business shop. It is unpleasant and dangerous.

There are a number of steps that our security guards go through as an immediate response to potential conflict events. Our training method is to make these subconscious within our officers – so it is second nature to de-escalate.

Step One:  What is it that’s on their mind. Give them an opportunity to make themselves understood

Step Two: Sincerely apologize. Offering an apology on behalf of the company to a person who thinks they’re rational (but may be irrational) goes a long way in defusing the situation.

Step Three: Connect the dots between options and consequences. If an apology doesn’t take the level of conflict down, then in a calm, even centered, manner tell the individual what choices there are now for them, and what can happen in the moment of later as an outcome of how this situation goes.

Ultimately, there are non-verbal clues that the security person wants to always present. This means body language, voice tone, gestures and personal space.

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Are Robots Going to Replace Human Security Guards?

October 5, 2020

Even in the Star Wars franchise security guard duties are not done by robots. They’re done by humans in uniforms – as least as what we see in the movies’ scenes. However, futurists are projecting that AI robots are on their way to augmenting human security guards, or in some cases supplanting them for certain vanilla routine duties, and perhaps pretty far off in the future machine robots will be all you see of security guards.

Right now, there are robots rolling along streets and shopping halls looking like 5-foot-tall coneheads, bristling with laser scanning, thermal imaging, 360-degree video and an array of sensors. They look like 1950’s Jetsons type robots, but they’re able to carry out some rudimentary duties. These include making announcements about covid-19 and other needed PA-type , keeping an eye on out-of-place events, reading license plates, serving as surveillance for camera security with human monitoring. Already, they’re on duty mostly for private property in several cities in California, in Tampa, FL, and in Boston, Atlanta and Dallas.

Here at WWPro we don’t use robots for guarding. We prefer highly trained humans personally committed to the safety and protection of your property and those on the property.

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Security Guard Demand is Up in Coronavirus Pandemic

September 25, 2020

As we have seen for months covid-19 epidemic is putting millions of American out of work. The economy has slowed into a recession, and the stock market is very volatile. Main street is looking for some kind of safe normalcy as we head into fall with Covid surging into numbers beyond those of the summer. Plus the probability of more protests as racial justice remains at the forefront of social interests and responses to police events in major and minor cities.

With all of this in the backdrop, the hiring of security guards has escalated into record levels. Security companies are striving to hire competent security personnel for the many properties (and the people on them) that need round-the-clock or part-time physical security.

The prospect of leaving properties unguarded has business owners and managers (very small to very large businesses) hiring security people as fast as they can. This is in the thousands per the more populous states like California.

The worry, of course, is on-site crime during these times of empty shops, schools, universities and slowed-down commerce in larger establishments. Hospitals, medical clinics are hiring more guards during this time of front line doctors, nurses and all health care givers.

Right now, security in hospitals is one of the most sought-after hiring groups in the professional security industry.

At WWPro we’re expertly prepared to take on your security guard needs across commercial or private property needs. We offer an elite roster of security officers and teams – highly trained from police or military backgrounds.

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Off-Duty Police Integrated into Security Firms

Off-Duty Police Integrated into Security Firms

September 15, 2020

There’s an acronym taking prominence in security circles, and beginning to trickle into public awareness: ODOs, which stands for off-duty police officers. With the recent eruption of social and racial justice protests (and counter protests and unpeaceful criminal opportunism) larger and smaller security companies are moving to hire ODOs to augment their security teams. Companies have been turning quickly to security firms which can provide off duty police for their clients. At this time there is record-setting interest in ODOs for beefed up security.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this. ODO’s as police officers can make arrests whether they’re on duty or off duty. On the spot they can call in criminal activities so that fellow officers can respond if available. They have certain training in crowd control and dealing with protests that are being turned by unwanted elements into criminal opportunities or unpeaceful agitation. Disadvantages include the fact that police officers who are working under a security firm can take things into their hands without following the chain of command. Or they can be too eager to confront or to enter into conflict. Of course, these are individual traits that emerge when people are under pressure.

Many security officer professionals do come out of the police force – after leaving or retiring from the police department. They can bring enormous experience in community policing, safety and security measures. Part of the responsibility for security firms is to be sure to have excellent intake procedures for new hires, followed up by the new forms of training that security firms are now undertaking.

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Taking Another Look at Security Officer Training

Taking Another Look at Security Officer Training

September 5, 2020

Training is coming up front and center in our current times with all the challenges it presents for security officers working for small to large companies, or private individuals. Training manuals, protocols and methodologies are being re-examined and updated. Some of this goes to looking at bedrock foundations as to exactly what is the appropriate role and authority of a security guard. This updating includes helpful responses to peaceful assemblies, civil rights, social justice and the latest in psychological and physical de-escalation techniques. Also included is the fact that police response times are increasing (meaning a slower response) and that social protest gatherings can come together very rapidly – as a result of social media interactivity.

Part of this review and rewrite of training is that security guards may get caught up in social demonstrations, be needed to respond in some fashion to protect client property and personnel. The all-important situation awareness for security personnel is now more critical than ever in light of the quick manifestation of protest assemblies and other situations of civic or ideological cause. Fires, traffic closures and other potential or real conflict outcomes are being injected into situational awareness for security officers and teams. The clients need to be informed of conditions so decisions can be made.

Security for property and personnel is a fluid process, and part of this training review – which WWPro is engaged in – now takes into account the mitigation response for different situations relating to peaceful crowds or individuals who are not demonstrating peacefully, and are present to instigate trouble.

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Security Guard Services in a Public-Private Partnership

Security Guard Services in a Public-Private Partnership

August 25, 2020

Many thinkers in the security and law enforcement industries are stating that the pandemic, massive unemployment and the ongoing protests toward racial/social justice could lead to perfect conditions for a rise in crime. While at the same time, as the Wall Street Journal reports, the average tax revenue in cities has declined around 11%. This puts pressure on police departments to continue established levels of community and business protection. This poses several problems in working to meet protest expectations with meaningful reform, working in some cases with less money (or redistributed money) and keeping standards of policing high.

Part of the solution thinking for this has been to seriously look at a partnership between public law enforcement and private security officer companies. The thinking goes that private security guards can support in duties certain law enforcement duties thus giving law enforcement police and sheriffs more time for preventing and solving crime. This idea of a partnership is now becoming more mainstream thinking, with several important organizations of police seriously looking at how this would work.

On the security guard side, the thinking is going that private security companies need to be looking at expanding capacity and capabilities. This includes smart recruitment and screening, better and more thorough and proven training and skills cultivation, and making security a good career choice.

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Looting During California Fire Evacuations – Security Guards On the Job

August 15, 2020

The many California wildfires ignited by dry lightning storms have also ignited a surfeit of looting opportunities as people take advantage of evacuations to break into resident homes and loot them.

This was reported in S.F. Bay Area and other northern California communities where wildfires broke out, evacuations were ordered and followed, and looters came in while owners were away and fire fighting and police authorities were occupied with the disaster.

One security company director stated, “Evacuees are worried that their homes may not be standing when they return. Now, they have to contend with thieves stealing their personal property.”

Neighborhoods and homeowners associations are now hiring security guard companies such as WWPro Security to protect their valuable property in the events of disaster evacuations. These guards stay on duty round the clock until the homeowners return after an “all clear” order is given. As the director points out, “Looting is a crime of opportunity. Security guards’ presence will often deter looters, but if guards see someone trespassing or taking part in other criminal behavior, they will detain the individual until law enforcement arrives.”

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Forestalling Theft Through Effective Security Methods

August 5, 2020

Here are basic, effective methods to prevent theft at your business:

1.) Install Security Surveillance Equipment: forestalling the urge to steal both from inside a business or from customers is enormously boosted through surveillance equipment. This has been proven in many psychological studies and real life cases. Install cameras and save money over time.

2.) Always Be the Most Responsible Person(s) On Watch: always observing your processes and procedures as to your inventory access. This goes toward evaluating theft-prevention effectiveness and making immediate adjustments if you detect access or opportunities for criminal activity. A professional security guard agency like WWPro really helps with this. Training employees in situational and preventative observation can make them a valuable part of the prevention team – saving you money and serious problems.

3.) Practicing Attention: learn the common traits of behavior that thieves exhibit, and pay attention to all activities involving your inventory storage, display, routing and other avenues for theft. This, of course, includes theft of knowledge or data, which takes this to a more sophisticated, subtle level. Again, consult with a firm like WWPro Security for best practices, knowledge and training.

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Security Guards Boost Company Policy Cooperation

July 25, 2020

Company policies and directives on behavior can often be gotten around, sidestepped or simply ignored. And this relates to the company brand and reputation in the customer market place. It has been shown that security guards are a positive force toward company policy cooperation.

Here are a number of ways security guards contribute to company behavior.

1.) Uniforms are actually an informing and forming contribution. Official uniforms are perceived differently subconsciously. They carry more weight, and a certain amount of authority that can politely and sensitively correct certain situations.

2.) Security officers are impartial to the policies, as they are outsiders to the company staff that created the policies yet are not exempt to the policies. Indeed they are supposed to be exemplars of the policies and directives. With this outside observer status security personnel are less likely to “look the other way” as could supervisors or report-tos when company personnel bend the policies.

3.) Security professional management is very experienced across a large variety of company ecologies and can be very helpful in consulting on policy challenges companies may be experiencing.

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Responding to Covid-19 as Elite Security Officers

July 15, 2020

Part of dealing with the ongoing spread, surges and reemerging of covid-19 is preparing for it – never assuming that it’s tamped down, not being communicated. Even in Asia, where strict protocols have successfully beaten back the virus, there are re-emergences, and security officer companies in all these countries are taking logical and forceful steps of preparation and practice.

Among the preparation layers we employ at WWPro is a deep list of resources that are updated daily so our management team is completely up to date on scientific thinking, facts and impact projections. Essentially, covid-19 is a real and present threat – even lethal – and being aware of all the information on an immanent threat is critical to prevention. We study our resources, and then make adjustments in our practices so we’re ahead of the virus. And as Dr. Fauci, the leading science voice on covid-19 response, this virus is very smart in propagating itself.

Our clients are #1 to us: their people and property. So our safety measures in terms of the coronavirus directly impact the safety and health of our clients’ staff and customers. Property is also given extraordinarily careful attention as property surfaces can harbor the virus for hours to days. Part of our assistance to clients is to participate in planning that includes routine deep cleaning and other measures that keep facilities – small to large – safe.

Our training methods and regimens with our team include covid-19 precautions and response, including communication skills and de-escalation skills.

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Security Guard Duties Continuing in Summer Covid-19 Times

July 5, 2020

With the debate going on among political leaders and school administrators and parents over the opening of schools this fall, there is another dimension of that discussion that is not getting media attention.

That is the security personnel who are serving as student and property guards at schools. This is usually a situation in which the threat situation involves someone who may be threatening violence to the staff and student body. Security guards are there to deter and thwart such incidents. However, in these pandemic times, the greatest threat to schools is the virus itself. And it is a threat to the students (who can contract it or become unwitting virus spreaders to loved ones back home) and the adult staff – including the security staff. This is true of smaller schools on up to large universities.

Our WWPro security guard staff are prepared for school opening duties, and are undergoing extra training and learning to be able to responsible protect themselves while protecting students, school staff and property.

Part of the school security guards’ responsibilities are participating in making sure that the students are practicing all the mediating measures that are in place for limiting the spread of covid-19. The number one job of our security guards to is maintain a calm, helpful demeanor during normal times or incident occasions. This is important for the students and staff well being.

We apply this same approach to all businesses that are open during this pandemic period, and employ our security personnel.

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De-escalation Techniques Used by WWPro Security Guards

June 25, 2020

At WWPro our security guards are an elite team schooled in all techniques relating to the protection of property and the safety of people on the property – including customers and staff.

There are times when a situation develops in which threats to people or property (or both) are apparent, and security officers must respond. It is certainly not acceptable that staff workers are going to respond (and are often forbidden to do so according to company policy), so it is in the hands of the security personnel to intelligently take steps to de-escalate the situation.

There are 3 strategies that security officers go through in response to threats:

  1. Warning Signs of Impending Escalation
  2. De-escalation Steps
  3. Don’ts in Threatening Situations

Warning Signs:

Situational awareness is the watchword for security guards, and for situations that may be escalating, here are the warning signs:

  • Direct threats
  • Bragging about previous violent encounters
  • Yelling
  • Extensive profanity
  • Violating security guard’s personal space
  • Finger pointing
  • Heavy breathing/flaring nostrils
  • Making fists

De-escalating Situations:

The first rule of de-escalating a bad situation is to not take an aggressive stand, as this is an accelerant that adds fuel to the fire.

  • Prepare with a Plan for security response to a range of situations.
  • Understand the situation from the perspective of “these are people,” and not just viewing them as threats. This is done through a flash-understanding of the backstory of everybody so that offhand comments by security don’t worsen the situation.
  • Listen means not interrupting and actually listening to what is being said. Maintaining eye contact and repeating what they’re saying back to them as an affirmation of listening.
  • Communicate is in both words and in how the communication is being said, and in body language. Staying calm and not forcing the distance between the security person and the disturbed individual.
  • Collaborate in the sense that the disturbed individual needs to feel that someone is genuine in attempting to help them. The intent is to resolve the situation.
  • Document the situation after the fact so that there is an accurate record of what transpired. If recording is being done during the event, it is best to ask or inform the individual on the recording.
  • Debriefing among the team so that all security personnel learn from it and can ask questions or contribute feedback so there is a shared outcome of the event.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t make promises that can’t be kept.
  • Don’t interrupt the individual – critically important.
  • Don’t make any level of threat to the individual – that is not resolving, that is escalating.
  • Don’t show frustration in body or voice.
  • Don’t use typical responses like “calm down” or “just breathe” as those can stimulate a negative response.

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Prepping Your Business For Covid-19 Re-opening with Guards

June 15, 2020

What do businesses depend on? Traffic. Potential customers either walking in the store or buying online. One’s foot traffic and the other is eyeball traffic. In you don’t have foot traffic coming into your store, then the worry and anxiety is mind-numbing. The store or restaurant needs to open, and people need to be willing to go and shop or eat or use your services. For all the small and mid-size businesses in the U.S. which are reopening with certain pandemic cautions in place – there are a number of critical security concerns. And now that many states are experiencing a resurgence of the covid-19 with cases spiking upward, the question of security guards for protecting staff, customers and property is of top concern.

Some states are mandating that masks when out in the public. And there are cultural groups of people who are resisting those state mandates. What happens in your store if masks are required by state decree and your employees are the ones who have to face people who are resisting mask wearing and are being told they have to have a mask to come into the store, restaurant, gym or salon and don’t want to. Some people have already turned violent in some states. This is a real concern for business owners and managers – how do you handle people as you’re opening up and the new norm is following social distancing and wearing masks.

Are trained security guards the way to go? Trained to talk respectfully and psychologically toning-down the situation so that no untoward events take place.  That’s part of our training now in the covid-19 period. Our security guards are helpful and participate in the need for covid-19 security while also performing conventional protection duties.

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Security Challenges That Need to be Well Covered

June 5, 2020

As the U.S. economy struggles to reopen methodically or haphazardly depending on the state, companies (both sole proprietorships to corporations) are looking more deeply at security and their venues, property and staff. It is a time of re-thinking security responsibilities and looking at how they can be budgeted in to get through this pandemic period. Infection has now become a concern as worrisome as crime. If an infected person comes into your place of business, and covid-19 is passed along, and there is contact tracing that traces back to your business as an origin source, and that knowledge is made public through news outlets or health administration outlets, how does that impact your business? It could be closed, or public trust falls off.

A specific concern that’s being discussed among businesses and security firms such as ours is: how to do you deal with mentally unwell, fanatic or desperate people who could purposefully or inadvertently bring in the virus, and spread it through a variety of overt of covert means.

Businesses are looking at how to implement social distancing, how to take temperatures to catch fevers, how to request mask-wearing, how to handle no-touch transactions and protect customers and employees from sneezes, loud talking or shouting or other virus-spraying events.

Then, there is the question of: is more security needed in the form of security guards and what are the policies that govern those guards in terms of pandemic prevention as well as crime prevention. New equipment is needed. Some technology may be needed. Training is needed. Incident reporting needs to be updated. Situational awareness is heightened.

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Oakland Community Hires Security Guards For Extra Protection

May 25, 2020

Communities are organic and ecological, responding to outside stimulus and internal forces that change over time – sometimes very quickly. Even large communities - comprised of ethnic, racial, political, cultural groups – are in an evolutionary state. They are in a Darwinian state as they adjust either forwards toward further harmony, cohesion, safety and financial well-being, or going backwards or devolving.

This becomes a neighborhood by neighborhood phenomena – the evolution of a community. And this does, of course, include how neighborhoods deal with crime in their businesses and homes. And this relates directly to how well police are performing in their community policing duties.

Oakland, CA, has seen a spiking of crime recently, and its very worrisome for residents in certain neighborhoods. Robberies are up 54%, burglaries up 40% and car theft up 33%. Those are big climbs. As a Darwinian response to this Oakland neighborhoods are banding together financially and purposely to hire security guards as an augmenting of the city police force.

Hiring security guards to help guard Oakland neighborhoods is not just for the more well off. Residents of middle class area Maxwell Park chip in .50 a day for a security guard to patrol their homes four hours a day.

Some of the security officers being hired are armed. Some are not. And they don’t take the place of police. But the are a powerful deterrent, and the word goes out that certain neighborhoods now have professional security protection.

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Armed guard

Armed Security Guards During the Pandemic

May 15, 2020

The coronavirus has been catastrophic for many small businesses, from restaurants to jewelry stores to even local credit unions. As we go into the summer we’ll see more and more how opening up businesses to the public triggers further covid-19 outbreaks, these potential increases in the disease in turn affecting overall business livelihood. It is a cycle that is being closely watched. In the meantime, certain businesses are open or are planning on opening as states allow them too. Many of these businesses will need armed security guards.

Armed security guards are a very weighty step for a business, coming with grave responsibilities. We’ve already seen instances across the U.S. where customers coming into big stores or restaurants are reacting violently to being required to wear masks. Employees have lost their lives, or been gravely wounded.

These kinds of tragic incidents may be prevented with the presence of armed security officers. Any store or place of business with valuable property or the potential for injury to customers should be looking at deciding to hire armed security officers. As we open up, and all 50 states are not opening up to a certain degree, there will be a wise demand for deeply experienced military or police background security people armed and ready to respond to whatever threatening situations may arise. The pandemic is proving to bring out the worst in people, along with the best in people. It is best to be prepared.

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Car lots

Three Businesses That Require Specific Security Needs

May 5, 2020

We’ve identified three businesses that require special security approaches, two of which are “essential” in our pandemic world, and a third business type that will be back in business sometime next year. Crime is decreasing overall across the U.S., and part of that is because security guards on duty serve as effective deterrents to would-be criminals or vandals.

The three businesses are hospitals, car parking lots, and event centers.

Hospitals are at the heart of our frontline response to the coronavirus. The doctors, nurses, orderlies, care givers are, of course, our contemporary heros now. We’re seeing the mid-Western and southern states enter into greater hospital stress as more covid-19 cases go acute and need hospital care. Before the coronavirus outbreak hospitals required special security needs. Among them were having to deal with patients and families who are distressed and may lash out when given disturbing news. This can certainly happen in covid-19 cases too. Theft of prescription drugs is prevented by security officer presence. Even infant abduction is a specific concern. Guards should be posted at entry and exit points to handle immediate incidents.

Commercial Park Lots are in use during the pandemic, and as airlines set up procedures for safer flights, more people are heading to airports. So the uptick of parking lot usage means more security personnel needed to be on duty. Commercial parking lots are considered a high security area. Over 10% of property crimes take place in parking lots. Which  is why we’re all very careful about locking our cars and not leaving items in the car when we leave the car to travel. Nevertheless, theft often occurs, cars stolen, altercations break out, or illegal transactions are undertaken. Lots are often very large in size, which presents ripe opportunities for crime – even with camera coverage. Lighting at night contributes to safety, and insufficient lighting is a serious problem. In-person security mitigates both size and lighting challenges.

Event Centers with their hosting of thousands of people present the problems of high density crowds. From concerts to conventions, the herd size of people is particularly problematic for good security. CCTV can’t cover everything, so security personnel on the move can spot and deter any untoward events. Security officers can handle people entering unauthorized areas. And they can spot potential terrorist activity.

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Covid-19 Mask

Kick-Starting Your Business in 2020 – Ways Security Guards Help

April 25, 2020

The coronavirus has ground to a standstill many retail businesses. Several big retail companies are teetering on bankruptcy as people staying at home are not out shopping and spending. There is talk of beginning to open up retail businesses and restaurants in certain states. And part of this opening up is making sure that both the staff and the customers are protected in the stores, restaurants, gyms, salons and many other retail outlets. The PPP loan program from the SBA has helped a certain amount of small businesses to stay afloat while waiting for an opportune time to resume welcoming customers to street stores. So, the situation is one of financial wherewithal, health and safety, and then the willingness for consumers to go out and shop.

One way that small businesses and large ones too can help the perception and reality of being safe while shopping or eating or working out is to have security guard services.

Here are the specific ways that security officers:

  • Health and Safety: for stores or services that are trying out opening up or are “essential” the presence of security personnel is very helpful in reminding people to maintain the 6-foot safe distance, to wear masks in retail environments, to give safety reminders, and to be generally watchful.
  • Financial Risk Lessened: quite a few companies are seeing a rise in criminal or cyber activity during the epidemic. Security officers, which can be 1 person or a team depending on the size of the need, are a frontline deterrent to those who would do steal or do harm to property and customers. There can even be terrorist-style attacks of sick individuals who must be prevented from mixing with customers.
  • Consumer Confidence: the gold standard of retail success is traffic coming into your store or stores. No customers means no business, and no profit and no ability to maintain employees and lease/operating expenses. So consumers being confident in your store during covid-19 times is a psychologically critical perception for your establishment. Security guards do contribute to this psychology of confidence. Officers help build the reality that this particular store is safe to enter and shop around. Eventually, as we get more testing in place and screening becomes commonplace, guards may be an integral part of screening.

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Smart Robots Deployed as Coronavirus Security PA Announcers

April 15, 2020

Our WWPro security guards are the most vetted and skilled in the business, and are there on the frontlines of the pandemic burning through us every day and night. And now security personnel are often required to approach people and suggest more social distancing or to wear a mask and other mitigation protocols that have been adopted nationwide.

However, there are AI supplements to help security guard teams. Knightscope is a robot manufacturer, including the 1950’s rocket shop shaped ones that roll around like R2-D2 from Star Wars. Knightscope has recently set up a downloadable software feature that has the robots speak Covid019 Public Safety Announcements as it makes its rounds in public or private areas.

Three models of robots have the feature, which is free.

The announcements include the following, and are given when a person is detected, or randomly, by a time schedule, by location, or as controlled by a controlling professional.

  • “Please maintain a safe distance between you and other people - I recommend at least 6 feet.”
  • “Thanks for joining me for a breath of fresh air. We don't have to remain indoors, but let's avoid being in close contact with other humans.”
  • “Be sure to wipe down any surfaces you come into contact with. Please disinfect your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer and avoid touching your face.”
  • “Washing our hands is fun! Oh, wait.... I don't have any hands.”
  • “If you are feeling ill, please refrain from entering this facility. Instead, please push the button on my head to speak with a human.”
  • “Please refrain from physical contact, including shaking hands.”
  • “Social distancing is in practice and required here.”

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New Duties for Security Officers in Today’s World

April 6, 2020

Security guards carry grave responsibilities and duties as part of their daily jobs. It is a far different work profile than 99% of other jobs. It involves danger, exposure to unusual stress, and the kind of response time and decision-making we associate with police or military work. Security officers are the front line of protection of private or commercial property and the people occupying those properties. So, they literally stand in harm’s way to protect businesses’ property, customers and employees.

But now in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic that is impacting us in the U.S. so severely, security officers are being asked to pick up duties not normally in their job profile. They are now responsible in some business cases for activities involving the health protection of employees and customers and even participating indirectly in the virus cleansing operations of physical properties. Among these duties are taking temperatures of individuals.

This health security is creating demand for security personnel, which is good for the security guard business. And, it is also creating expectations of security personnel. An interviewee in Security Management states: “As you can imagine, it’s extremely challenging, People who never had security now have the need for it. And some of them also have expectations that are kind of unreasonable.” Some companies are complying with these new pandemic-related duties, and others aren’t.

One of the challenges in this new era of security officer demands is getting the appropriate PPE gear for officers.

At WWPro we work closely with our clients and potential clients to look at all their needs and jointly decide what is appropriate for our guard personnel to be performing during these times.

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Security Guard Demand is Up in Coronavirus Pandemic

March 25, 2020

While the covid-19 epidemic is putting millions of American out of work and seeking relief in unemployment insurance, the hiring of security guards has jumped in the midst of this global crisis. Many security companies are looking far and wide to hire competent security personnel for the many properties that need round-the-clock or part-time physical security.

The prospect of leaving properties unguarded has small to mid-size to large-size business owners and managers hiring in security people in large numbers. This is in the thousands per the more populous states like California.

The worry, of course, is on-site crime during these times of empty shops, schools, universities and slowed-down commerce in larger establishments. Hospitals, medical clinics are hiring more guards during this time of front line doctors, nurses and all health care givers being taxed with covid-19 cases and life-saving measures. Right now, security in hospitals is one of the most sought-after hiring groups in the professional security industry.

Even grocery stores are beefing up security in response to the pandemic’s potential crime opportunism.

At WWPro we’re expertly prepared to take on your security guard needs across commercial or private property needs.

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Security Guards and Dealing With Coronavirus Pandemic

March 15, 2020

With the rapid spread of the covid19 coronavirus throughout the U.S. and social distancing in effect, the role of security guards has taken on new meanings and responsibilities. The coronavirus is also forcing the temporary closing of a range of businesses, changing of hours open, requesting workers to work from home, curtailing of all manner of travel, and other measures.

Security guards may be among those laid off as a result of large sporting events or all large-gathering type events being canceled for the duration of the outbreak. Yet, large establishments still need top level security teams in place to keep their property secure from those taking advantage of shutdown times. So, it’s prudent to talk to companies like WWPro to see if your security needs during the coronavirus outbreak are where they need to be. This can apply to hospitals, industrial or warehouse storage facilities, campuses, business complexes.

As security officers, we’re looked at as the frontline of defense in proscribed environments like malls. In the case of the covid19 outbreak, the frontline is really emergency responders, nurses, doctors and other medical personnel. However, security guards on duty are expected to be thoughtful in helping people act responsibly and wisely while in the environment the officers are guarding. This would include advising people who are coughing or otherwise sickly to return to their homes and not expose other people, or that they should be going to a doctor to see if they should be tested for coronavirus. Large congregations of people over 30 in number should be broken up.

Security officers should be wearing gloves for their own protection, as they will be touching many surfaces on their duties, avoiding face touching, and perhaps wearing an n-95 mask.

There are already reports of a security officer in Manhattan testing positive for coronavirus. Our WWPro policy is to have our security officers stay at home when sick with any cold or flu, and, of course, if any symptoms of coronavirus are presenting. Our guards report to us daily as to health conditions and we reach out to our teams to monitor health status for both their personal well being and for our on-duty performance.

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The Hours Security Officers Are Most Often Attacked

March 7, 2020

Part of what our management team here at WWPro look at are statistics of behavior or patterns of circumstance that impact our security guard services. We are always striving to provide the best security for our clients. “Best,” of course, covers a lot of territory, which includes most responsible, most self-aware, and most forward thinking. So, we are up to date on data that influences our decision making, training and follow-up with our security officers. One very interesting piece of data that came out recently is well-resourced study on the hours that security officers may be attacked while on duty.

Statistics harvested from a variety of sources (news articles, law enforcement incident reports, private agency injury follow-ups, workplace violence data in the US) indicated the hours of most harm, as follows:

For security working in offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities, business complexes — Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm are when security officers are most often in some way attacked toward being disabled – 41% of the time.

An interesting and revealing set of facts. During normal working hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays security guards are most likely to be assaulted and/or injured at non-retail types of businesses.

For retail stores and complexes (including malls), the study found that uniformed security or loss prevention officers during these same hours made the majority of their apprehensions for theft or other felonies. And that robberies of jewelry stores or other high value boutique shops occurred from 10am to 4pm.

For security people working in apartment complexes, nightclubs, hotels and gambling establishments the hours of most danger are on Thursdays between 11 pm and 4 am.

Our response is to have our officers on a more-alert status during these hours, more aware and more preventative of assaults or attacks.

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The Totality of Strong Security, The Four P’s

February 29, 2020

The security of your estate property or company property (campus, mall, warehouse, hospital, retail store, etc) is an intelligent alliance between your security guard provider and you or your company managers. The totality of security is inclusive of excellent security officers who are highly trained and expertly responsive and how the company itself (or the personnel on a private estate) is administrated in terms of policy and response to untoward or criminal events. These two elements, the security team and the company or family team work together across all expressions of best performing protection for property and people.

This approach of company response is summed up in the 4 P’s: Policy, Procedure, Plan, Practice.

  • Policy — a critical factor of your company’s security approach is exploring and creating written policies that include all compliance and regulation measures (fire safety for instance, or earthquake safety) that are general or industry specific. Policies concerning security should be written out and express perceptions, beliefs, cultural values and do’s and don’ts. This includes responsibilities to customers and to employees.
  • Procedure — take your policy to “how you carry it out” which is procedure. This is the day to day, hour to hour outline and detailed instructions for carrying out security policies inside the company and as it relates to customers or other vendors or law-and-order entities. This includes entry and exit to buildings, visitor procedures, protection of private information, incident reporting and response, end of day checklists.
  • Plan — What you do when an incident actually occurs is the plan. It outlines and details the response to untoward, unknown, unexpected or criminal intent activity. There could be multiple plans depending on the events planned for. Critical to the plan is the speed with which a decision needing to be made gets to the decision-maker, the right person with the right authority to decide. This called an escalation path. Plans include the relocation of people to safe areas, and the entire flow of how this procedure is handled so all managing of people involved is done calmly and professionally.
  • Practice — The art of the drill is the final capstone to company or estate security. Policy, Procedure and Plan need to be practiced in detail, and in simulation of the event or emergency. Plans that are written out require realistic walk-throughs ensuring that everyone involved is familiar with their responsibilities, procedures and contingency plans. It also helps to identify problems in the response or areas that are not well addressed yet. Creating a training curriculum is part of this final step. Don’t let the security measures and responses become stale by not having practices. Keep everything fresh.

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Security Officer Team and Emergency Preparedness

February 15, 2020

Our WWProtection security guard officers are tasked with many grave responsibilities, all relating to the protection of valuable property and the security and safety of people occupying that property temporarily or permanently.

Among these responsibilities is for security team leaders and officers to be aware of and practiced in any Emergency Preparedness Plan that is in place for the venue that is being protected. So, if this is a shopping mall or a hospital or a private jewelry store, then any EPPs that have been established by the management need to be clearly understood, memorized and rehearsed to perfection on the part of the security officer team. When a real emergency strikes (such as an earthquake in California, tornado in Ohio, hurricane in Florida, terrorist attack in Boston), the security detail by default become leaders, comfort-givers and inspirers.

Sometimes our WWProtection management team is invited to participate in the strategizing and creating of an Emergency Preparedness Plan. Our experience in emergencies runs a very wide gamut of small to large scale disasters and how to best respond to them both for the welfare of people exposed but also the property that is impacted.

The basic elements of a EPP that include the duties of the security details are three-fold:

  1. Assess the risks: any venue from an industrial plant to an entertainment park to a small store needs to have the risks of a variety of disasters seriously looked at, with the priority being on the type of emergencies that are local to the business or estate. Of course, terrorism and fire need to be part of this planning.
  2. Write the plans, which should include security team responses in detail. These are the instructions and response protocols for whatever catastrophe that is being planned for. Many companies will write separate plans for each major disaster being prepared for.
  3. Train and drill: the training of the staff (which includes the security details from all shifts) is paramount for the best response to crises, and for the most comforting leading of people who may be customers or guests on your property. The security people are looked at in emergencies as guides, leaders, directors, etc., and they need to be trained for this role. The drills are what make it as real as possible for all the personnel involved, particularly those who are the first line of defense in security and safety.

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Gated Community Security – Mistakes That Could Happen

February 2, 2020

Gated communities are gated for a reason: to keep unwanted, uninvited and undesirable people out of the community. The surrounding fence or wall or natural barriers of a “gated” community are the old world village timber fence, or the strategic city wall (think Troy)  or the castle ramparts.

Gated communities need certain security considerations. For one thing there are many people, families, couples, individuals of the community who need to be guarded from all manner and strategies of intrusions. In this case there is not just one individual or family. But a small village full of families or couples requiring top level protection.

Here are some key areas that we focus on for securing gated communities.

  1. Make sure the entries to the community are fully secure. No entry point is overlooked for us. Very skilled burglars can gain entry through electronically controlled gates. So, a security officer and a station should be established at every entry point.
  2. Make sure that the security detail has a direct access to each resident of the community. This is both for the security personnel to reach the residents, but also, of course, for the residents to reach the security officers on duty. There can also be a security representative who is available to respond to member’s concerns.
  3. Gate communities are targeted by burglars to determine if there are any security openings to use. One of these can be a temporary absence of a security officer at a station. This should be part of a top quality security guard company’s M.O. – making sure stations are always manned.
  4. Making sure that gated community residents are educated as to the security protocols that are in place from our team. Certainly helpful is a community that understands the importance of security and the security officer team that is performing this function, and is wanting to cooperate with and be pro-active in overall security practices.
  5. Keeping complete and accurate visitor logs, including guests to community members, is a vital facet of best practices security for a gated community.

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The Line In The Sand From Private Security Guards

January 15, 2020

It is a truism that you can sleep safer and participate in your work or home activities with more confidence if there are security guards on duty – there for the express purpose of keeping your private property and you and your love ones or important people safe. For people of wealth or star power or influence, there is little distinction between a private and public life. If you’re known, then per logic, you’re part of the public zeitgeist. This almost always means that for people wanting to break the law for gain or retribution or political statement, they know who you are and perhaps are making plans that involve you and your property.

Exposure from wealth or renown is the awful, regrettable reality. It’s been true from proto European tribal times to the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Roman, Indian and Chinese empires, on through the monarchies to Wells Fargo in the West and the super rich of the late 1800’s Gilded Age. The job of security guard, and being part of a security guard team, is noted throughout all history as a necessary defense and deterrent.

A security guard unit working for your private estate is a distinctive line in the sand and strong anti-penetration bulwark against bad guys with intentions of harm. Criminals, vandals, stalkers will take security guard teams and strategy very seriously and their very presence deters most penetrations.

If you even have a thought or slight concern that you need security protection for your properties and the people on them, then you should be seriously pursuing a security guard company like WWProtection.

Qualifications to look for in a security guard company?

  1. Deep military or police experience for its team members
  2. Is the security person or unit demonstrably experienced in property security.
  3. Does the security agency have experience with companies like yours
  4. Do they have up to date insurance and licensing

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Security Guards Needed More Than Ever In Today's World

October 8, 2019

In today's world there is certainly much goodwill, altruism, empathy, sympathy and the sense of being helpful to our fellow humans. We see it all the time, among our neighbors who give a helping hand or a generous encouragement shoutout to a homegrown new front yard project. And even as we travel abroad, the spirit of helpfulness, of humanistic camaraderie, and cultural common ground does live and is thriving - for most countries.

However, in today's world there are also more threats to us in where we live, shop, work or play. Terrorism, both national and international, is a constant threat that can explode out of seeming nowhere. And weekly shootings in schools, stores, restaurants, clubs, places of worship and other public venues by disgruntled armed individuals is a commonplace threat that all are aware of. Criminal threats to our property are a looming reality we need to acknowledge and prevent or interdict. And there are just the plain vanilla threats of people who suddenly do actions of harm, either more minor like shoplifting or major in suddenly taking out grievances and disaffections with a range of weapons or resorting to bodily assault. In private warehouses and storage or shipping facilities, there are planned incursions that can come in the dead of night, using very sophisticated technology and stealth toward criminal enterprise that can cost your company millions. There is loss of inventory in small stores. There is the relations between the security officers and the customers or employees that must be maintained at a courteous, helpful, even wise level - without creating friction.

Our company philosophy and mission is to provide the best team to cover all these vital needs, as well as being customized to your property and people's situation. We strive to fit you, not the other way around.

It's not a question of "Do you need security officers?" but rather a cognized and recognized understanding that you do need the best security that you can rely on, and yet is affordable.


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